You’ll Love our Soft(ware) Skills!

We develop and engineer custom software solutions for diverse clients with a wide variety of needs.

We’ve designed a mobile app to let a major ag company monitor plant operations from around the world, helped a senior-living service and equipment provider manage cost and revenue data, written universal code to let serious cyclists get the most out of their bikes and produced embedded software for use in cars and trucks – and that’s just scratching the surface.

Bring us your problem or idea and we’ll find the right software solution for your mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile), server, web, desktop or embedded system.

Check out the Software we know and the Skills we bring:


  • Operating Systems/Environments: Microsoft Windows7/8, Linux, iOS, Android, Amazon EC2, HyperV, VirtualBox, IIS, Apache, Lighttpd, nginx
  • Frameworks: iOS, .NET, Silverlight, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python/Cyclone/Tornado, PHP, jQuery, Crystal Reports, QT, Ajax, Sencha ExtJS
  • Languages: C#, Python, C/C++, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, VisualBasic, HTML, CSS, Objective-C, Java
  • Hardware Integration: Serial (RS232), CAN, iOS (via RedPark, BLE, WiFi), Firewire, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, USB
  • Computer Vision: OpenCV, Object detection measurement, Hough transforms
  • Database systems: MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, noSQL, MongoDB, CoreData, SQLite
  • Tools: Visual Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, Xcode
  • Revision control: Subversion, Git, Mercurial, TFS
  • Standards: HL7, J1939, CAN, CSV, JSON, ISO14229, ISO15765, XCP/CCP, ISO
  • Mobile: push notifications, Sencha, Corona, Amazon SNS
  • Project Management and Bug Tracking: Redmine, Trac, Pivotal, TFS
  • Payment engines: Paypal
  • Function user interface design/implementation
  • Automated testing: Selenium, Jenkins, nUnit
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, CruiseControl.NET


  • Mobile iOS applications – UI design, integration with hardware, push notifications, integration with server backend
  • Backend server design – Python/Cyclone or C#.NET with JSON/REST interface, database design/implementation
  • Desktop windows applications – C# with windows forms/WPF, hardware interface, UI design
  • Mobile Android applications – UI design, integration with hardware, integration with server backend
  • Computer vision – object recognition measurement
  • Automated testing – automated web testing using Selenium, Jenkins, nUnit
  • Web-database application development – using C#, MS-SQL (Microsoft stack) or Python Cyclone/Tornado, Node.js, JSON communication