We have product design and development expertise that spans many engineering disciplines, including biomedical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, optical, and software engineering. More than 170 companies have trusted Rose-Hulman Ventures with the technical development of their products and services. Clients come to us seeking technical expertise in the areas of product design, prototyping, testing, and process improvement and we find innovative solutions to their business challenges.

project workbench
SCP Ignigtor

SCP Limited and Ventures Together Spark Innovation

For SCP Limited, being an industry leader means never being satisfied with the status quo. That’s why the team at Ventures is a natural partner for the Auburn, Indiana-based company. Since its founding, SCP has never stopped looking for the next breakthrough in the market for ignitors for furnaces, gas ranges and other appliances.

XSoft is Making County Tax Data Easier to Understand and Manage

Taking the Mystery Out of Property Taxes

Right now, making sense of your property tax data can be a daunting proposition. XSoft, with help from Ventures, is making Indiana property taxes easier to comprehend by giving property owners a clearer accounting of how their taxes are calculated and where their tax dollars are going.

SoChatti Taking Gourmet Chocolate to the Next Level

SoChatti Taking Gourmet Chocolate to the Next Level

We wrote about Trade Secret Chocolates and its inventor, Matt Rubin, in 2016. Now we’d like to provide an update on this fast-growing Indianapolis-based business that got a boost from working with Ventures.

Ventures Helping Quantify Soft Tissue Injury Treatment

When Screwing Up is Not an Option

Eclipse Orthopaedics is tackling one of the most stubborn problems in orthopedic trauma cases – fixing a broken bone by securing intramedullary rods with surgical screws. The Warsaw, Indiana-based company has developed a device to take some of the guesswork out of the surgery, and turned to Ventures for the software and image processing expertise it needed to make it work.

Ventures Helping Quantify Soft Tissue Injury Treatment

Applying the Right Pressure

Ventures is helping an Indiana-based company quantify manual soft-tissue manipulation therapy. If successful, the work could provide a non-narcotic and cost-effective treatment option for patients with orthopedic pain and injuries.

Ken Savin hired Ventures to create an easily searchable inventory of rare chemical compounds

Compound Interest

Dr. Ken Savin, a veteran research chemist, knew from years of experience that researchers often need very specific – and rare – chemical compounds. He also knew that companies, research institutes and universities often have surplus chemical compounds just sitting on a shelf. His idea was to connect researchers with owners of unique excess chemical compounds through an online marketplace. It was up to Ventures to help him make his dream a reality.

Ventures Improves Test Prep for Aspiring Actuaries

Ventures Improves Test Prep for Aspiring Actuaries

Ventures designed and delivered a cleaner mobile application learning experience for students enrolled in The Infinite Actuary’s test-preparation courses. The Infinite Actuary has helped more than 20,000 aspiring actuaries study for their certification exams.

mountain biker with hand holding phone with open app

Ventures Helping Mountain Bikers Ride Safer, Smoother

Knowing how much pressure to apply can be crucial. That’s why Ventures has helped RockShox create an app for mountain bikers to help them get the most out of their ride.

girl holding ethernet cable

Healthy Cybersecurity in One Package

Hospitals, insurance companies and clinics need excellent data security to protect patient information. Ventures is helping a California-based cybersecurity company provide just that.

Former Intern Improving Long Distance Travel

Please Adjust Your Seatback

In working with Ventures, Comfort Motion Global – an Indianapolis-based company striving to improve long-distance travel – transformed from a hardware to a software company. The results are paying off with major manufacturers implementing the company’s product.

Ventures 2017 Wrap Up

No Game: Taking Some of the Risk Out of Life

As usual, the past year’s to-do list at Ventures was filled with a wide variety of fascinating tasks. But, it just seemed to us that we had more than our normal share of projects designed to make the world a little less dangerous. In this article, we celebrate those risk-reducing projects plus all of the others that made 2017 another rewarding year.

Ventures 2017 A Look Back

Client Distinctions

At Ventures, we get to know each of our clients' projects very well. In a few cases, we've highlighted what we've done for specific clients through our newsletter. With the start of a new year, we wanted to honor those same clients with special designations derived from their unique contributions to what makes Ventures special. See if you can guess which clients we're honoring!

From Here to Internity

We know Ventures gives Rose-Hulman interns valuable experience finding solutions to real-world problems for our clients. What’s less well known is that, after they graduate, those same interns often return to Ventures as clients who understand the creative potential under the Ventures roof.

ERAM remote monitoring

Ventures helps ERAM make remote monitoring easier, less expensive

Smartphones let people communicate nearly everywhere. Now, thanks to ERAM and Ventures, smartphone technology is making it much easier for people facing court-ordered monitoring to check in with law enforcement officials or behavioral health professionals.


Embedded Software Company Grows Rapidly With Ventures’ Help

Simma Software entered the embedded software market in 2004 with just one client. Since then, using a score of Ventures interns and experienced Ventures project managers, the company has grown to serve clients around the world, including several in the Fortune 500.

Aardvark home-inspection project

Ventures Streamlines Home-Inspection Software

We improved the software that inspectors use when checking homes for trouble. Our upgrades save time and make the inspections easier to understand.

peer review project

Ventures Makes Application to Manage Business Risk and Compliance

We created a software platform to help companies manage their risks while remaining compliant with the latest industry regulations and standards.

peer review project

Ventures Helps Students Benefit from Peer Review

At Ventures, we’ve helped Bloomington-based entrepreneurs create a software platform that gives teachers the tools they need to make student peer review an effective part of their teaching arsenal.


Just Like Being There

For Yargus Manufacturing, providing the best-possible materials handling equipment available is a point of pride. Now the Marshall, Illinois-based company wants to give its clients the ability to monitor vital plant functions from nearly anywhere in the world with an easy-to-use mobile app. To make that happen, Yargus turned to the knowledge, innovation, and expertise at Ventures.


3D in Two Months

At Rose-Hulman Ventures, we put the pedal to the metal to build a large-scale 3D printer for 3D Platform—in just 60 days—after opportunity unexpectedly knocked, giving the company a key spot at one of the world’s leading industrial trade shows. The result is an eye-catching, innovative, scalable printer that was up and running just in time for the show.


Beating Heart Disease

At Ventures, we’re helping an Indiana startup in its fight against heart disease, the nation’s No. 1 killer. Arrhythmotech LLC is studying the links between sympathetic nerve activity and heart rhythm. Their research could help doctors better identify and treat patients at risk of a fatal heart attack.

Probo-Medical Project

Reducing Medical Costs

Ventures is helping Probo Medical restore damaged and worn ultrasound probes, resulting in lower costs for hospitals and clinics around the world. Ventures project managers, engineers, and student interns serve as the R&D team for the rapidly growing Indianapolis medical equipment provider.

Chocolate Keg

Ventures Creates a Temperature-controlled “Keg” for Specialty Chocolates

Trade Secret Chocolates needed a device to deliver its unique, liquid chocolate experience to customers. Company founder Matt Rubin turned to Rose-Hulman Ventures for help. The result is a temperature-controlled, pressurized “keg” for high-quality, delicious chocolate.

laptop computer

Saving Time, Calculating Costs

Ventures project managers and interns dug deep into workers’ compensation law to write the code for a new website designed to calculate workplace injury costs. Ventures also developed every law firm’s dream: a computer program to dramatically reduce paperwork.

eCeptacle PowerBin

Smashing Idea

The eCeptacle PowerBin developed at Rose-Hulman Ventures reduces greenhouse gases by only being emptied when full, and a hydraulic, internal compacting system means it’s full less often. The smart garbage receptacle also has public safety features, making it a transformative new twist on an old idea.

cost-effective water bottle

Wound Care on Tap

Rose-Hulman Ventures engineers and designers helped Indiana University School of Medicine physician Brian Sloan create a space- and money-saving way to irrigate open wounds in hospital emergency departments using a cost-effective and disposable water bottle. The bottle could reduce national health care costs by millions of dollars each year.

Bakkle phone app

Want or Nope

Bakkle is an app to let you quickly browse your community for goods and services anytime you have a spare minute. You also can use the new app to sell your excess stuff.The coding component for iOS was developed at Rose-Hulman Ventures.

Measuring Up

VIP Tooling, a Shelbyville-based precision tool manufacturer, can better manage data for its clients thanks to a mobile application created at Rose-Hulman Ventures. With the new app, vital information recorded at the plant also can be quickly shared with VIP’s customers.

The Inside Story

Sano Informed Prescribing gives health care professionals the best possible information about what drugs are actually in a patient’s system. That information can optimize medication therapy, prevent dangerous drug interactions, and save billions of dollars in health care costs annually.

Cutting Edge

Engineers at Rose-Hulman Ventures, working with doctors at Indiana University School of Medicine, developed an innovation that enables skin biopsies to be standardized, which may prove a quicker diagnosis and yield more complete test results.

Direct Supply

Booming Business

Roughly 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 each day, and Direct Supply is well-positioned to serve them. The company, a leader in the Senior Living industry, is tapping Rose-Hulman Ventures to develop new business software and, at the same time, potential new employees, all to help the company meet rapidly growing demand for its services and products.

Avicenna collegen project

Counting on their Chickens

Avicenna Nutraceutical, a Georgia-based business, is using Rose-Hulman Ventures to learn whether domestically produced, high-quality collagen can make a dent in the intensely competitive dietary supplement market. Using cartilage from domestic chicken farms, Avicenna plans to offer collagen at a higher level of purity than is often available in imported collagen supplements.

OmniSite’s Alarming Innovations

Equipment failures can have severe consequences. OmniSite’s new SmarteLight uses cellular technology to notify key people when something goes wrong with essential equipment. Rose-Hulman Ventures engineers turned a promising prototype into a market-ready alarm light providing 24/7 notification to keep small problems from becoming costly disasters.

More Projects